How it Works

How it Works



Send us information about your surplus assets by completing our Offer Request Form.


If we’re interested in buying your items, we’ll request more information. If we aren’t, we’ll let you know why they aren’t a fit.


Once we learn the details of your assets; we’ll make a cash offer, sealed bid, or attend your auction.


If you accept our offer, we’ll work out payment details, and then arrange for the items to be picked up and transported.


  • 01. Do you pick up the surplus assets you purchase? Yes. Either our staff will pick up the items or we will arrange for a transport company to pick them up.
  • 02. How will you pay us? After you agree to our offer, we will issue a purchase order for your items, which guarantees payment after we receive and process your items. For other clients, we will pay via their preferred payment method, including certified funds before pick up.
  • 03. What type of assets do you purchase? We buy of all types of assets; but naturally, there are some exclusions. If you’d like, you can contact us to learn if your surplus is excluded from our purchasing guidelines.
  • 04. Do you make offers on motor vehicles? Yes, our partner network includes automotive dealers, that can purchase and remove your surplus motor vehicles.
  • 05. How quickly can you make an offer and pick up the items? Offers and pick up times depend on the complexity of the items acquired and the pickup location. But we will expedite pickup requests if needed.
  • 06. What do you do with the items you purchase? All of our assets are wholesaled to parts companies, recyclers, and resellers via our Partner Program. The remainder is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • 07. Can I buy assets from Positive Equity? Yes. We are currently accepting new partners both domestically and internationally. If you’re interested, please visit our Partner Program information page.