What is Positive Equity?

Positive Equity buys surplus, excess, and distressed assets from companies, governments, and individuals. Our objective is to maximize asset values via our proprietary acquisition process. Our name is based on the highly-sought economic principle of positive equity. This occurs when the value of an asset is maximized by minimizing the costs of its associated liabilities.

The costs associated with selling surplus assets often destroy value; sometimes making assets worthless. This loss of value is known as value leakage.

Positive Equity mitigates value leakage by providing value-added and customized support services that make asset disposition targeted, quick, and seamless. Combined with our partner network, our proprietary process maximizes the value we provide to our clients.

To support our value proposition, we maintain a nimble and dynamic business model. We also nurture a growing base of domestic and international partners, who provide liquidity for our clients by offering a destination their assets. To sell your surplus and excess assets, please submit an offer request online. Or, if you’re interested in buying from us, then please visit our Partner Program page.